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Story behind The Small Marketer

The Story behind The Small Marketer goes back When I was learning Digital Marketing and my Father had his jewelry Shop with no online presence, I was pushing hard to get it Online, from registering to Google My Business to having a Social Media page, but when I tried to send some money on Website my father didn’t allow me, But

The Reason, why Small Business was Struggling, was not Adopting Online! 

When the Pandemic was announced, The World was ShutDown and many Businesses were Ding But one industry that was Bombing due to the pandemic was the online industry

This was the period when India’s Prime minister announced the Campaign “Be Vocal for Local” which inspired me to make this Blog.

Because the World is getting more advanced and virtual day-by-day. People want everything on their mobile without having to go to the market. And this has made Digital Marketing the most important industry to join businesses to customers

My Vision to run this Blog is to provide valuable content and make changes in people’s life & Business.

About Me

Hey there, Vedant from Maharashtra. Glad that you visit the About page! Welcome to my Blog. I am a Passionate Digital Marketer (and travel Photographer too!) Love helping Small Businesses to Grow Online.

I love learning new skills that provide value in my life as well as others… The idea of learning Digital Marketing came when I was 16 years old.

My Story: 

The Story started with the free course provided by Google called “Google Digital Garage” inspired by the certificate provided by Google I enrolled for the course! 

The course was 28 modules and 40 hours long, completed that course in 1 week and Decided to learn Digital Marketing further.

The journey started by learning courses, I enrolled in many courses and learned from it but when it comes to Practical knowledge that were I was Laking! But the list of courses went on.

  • Hubspot Email Marketing Certification
  • Google Analytics Certification 
  • Google searched ads Certification
  • Digital Deepak Facebook Ads Mastery Course
  •  Oberlo Dropshipping Course

When it comes to implementing those courses, I can’t do get it. there was a Big gap between Learning and Doing it practically. I was just learning but the implementing part was missing.

Then I came through the Internship called “Digital Deepak Internship” it was a great journey I learned and Implement a lot of new things! 

Started the blog “The Small Marketer” which aims in helping Small Local Businesses to Grow online.

My Digital Marketing Story:

Coming Soon… Stay Tuned😊

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